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About Hollywood Fashion Secrets

Who is the Hollywood Fashion Secrets girl? She's a savvy, stylish, sophisticated girl who has her finger on the pulse of every trend and looks fabulous while doing so.

People with insider knowledge on the fashion industry know that the best assets are beauty tools and accessories that make style look effortless - invisible tricks, fabulous extras and little secrets that make pulling off an 'on point' outfit seem simple and chic.

But a trendy Hollywood Fashion Secrets girl already knows all this.

She'll flip open the clutch of her designer handbag to reveal a collection of invisible mending tools such as hem fabric tape and bra converting clips. This fashionista's trusty tools are the tricks that ensure she has tres chic moments at every party, business meeting, conference and dinner she attends. She's a head turner and makes style look simple - and shhh - it may be Hollywood Fashion Secrets.

Why are Hollywood Fashion Secrets a must-have for any fashionista?

Picture the great fashion icons. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Anna Wintour and a myriad of other spectacular women captured the hearts, minds, magazine pages and camera lenses of millions - all thanks to their iconic style and tasteful curation of clothes.

What you won't find with these style gurus is a fashion disaster. You'd be hard pressed to find an unintentionally exposed piece of skin, an accidental rip or tear, a loose thread, a haphazard hemline or an ill-fitting outfit on any of the best style icons. After all, they didn't become style sensations without care and effort.

The secret to style success is what happens behind the scenes.

It's the invisible double stick clothing tape that holds the daring but bold low neckline of their ball gown in place, the bra converting clip that keeps the straps hidden as they step off an airplane in a tank top ready for a sunny vacation, the hem fabric tape that keeps their pencil skirt in place throughout an entire day full of important meetings at the office.

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but Hollywood Fashion Secrets beauty tools are her ally and partner in crime.

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